Hello my name is Tori; I am the urgent care nurse working within the women’s & children’s division & today I would like to talk to you about Dr Kate Granger.

Dr Kate Granger is 31 years old, is a specialist registrar in geriatric medicine & has terminal cancer. She has been an inpatient a number of times & for Kate it is all about the little things that make a big difference for her as a patient.

Kate takes the time in a monthly blog & daily on twitter to remind us of those 4 little words ‘hello, my name is…’ & from her very personal experience reminds us of the importance to remember the little things that can often get forgotten when we are busy or stressed.

Taking extra time to introduce yourself, sit next to not stand over your patients & taking the time to listen, really listen, are some of the little things that make a big difference.

In healthcare we know so many personal details about our patients & their families; we must also remember we are on a journey with them. Sometimes it is a necessary journey, sometimes it is a difficult journey. However routine or difficult the day may be, or the medical condition is, in the middle of all that there is a patient & a family where the little things really matter. These are the big things that can make all the difference to their experience as a patient.

I am not as eloquent as Kate so I would recommend reading her monthly blog http://drkategranger.wordpress.com/ & following on twitter @kategranger, or indeed just google her name.

I want to work on these little things within the division, making sure all of our patients & families know who we are & that we do care about the little things.